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February 2, 2018
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February 3, 2018

Africa Cataracts: Case Study


Project Brief

Company Name: Africa Cataracts and Eye Foundation

Company Description: Africa Cataracts and Eye Foundation is a charity organization in Nigeria that provide Health Care for the less privileged especially to people in the rural areas. Its aim is to eliminate avoidable blindness by targeting cataract blindness, the leading cause by far in most developing economies of the world.

Job Description: Africa Cataracts needed to redesign their website to meet their client and patient satisfaction. Since most of the visitors are visually impaired, they wanted fonts and colours that will look appealing an not repulsive

Challenges:Get the right colours, fonts and font size to use for this project were the most challenging. The layout needed to be design in a way to promote easy Navigation and also get leads

Solution: After much Consideration, We decided to develop the site with white and Black with a little touch of other colours as well. Fonts and Size was manimal as well.