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Are your customers falling out because you are not engaging with them, well you are not alone. When it comes to connecting with customers, it can sometimes be difficult to understand how they connect with a brand and what “good” performance looks like, Don’t worry Multi Creative Technology(MCT) Global got you covered

Our Email offers a wide range of benefits and opportunities that allow brands to target their audiences and collect valuable data. From high open rate through well-defined subject, to increase click through rate (CRT) by powerful call to actions, we deliver customers to your landing and provide Engagement

You Are missing out on sale due to ineffective Email Marketing Strategy

Best Email Marketing Agency in Nigeria

Email marketing is also called permission based marketing, spamming customers reduces your brand online credibility so we use opt - in forms to capture which also prevent your mail from been caught by spam filter.

Our Email marketing service is fully automated and Monitor with Analytic we monitor the open rate, click through rate, we resend mail to those that didn’t open to boost engagement.

Email offers a High return on investment. According to the Direct Marketing Association, it yields an estimated 4,300 percent ROI. Every penny spent on this marketing tool offers a return of 440%,

Email is also the cure for low website traffic as it help web owners convert one time visitors to regular visitors with different strategy such as lead magnet, op-tin forms and exit intent. it also help engage your customers with all the latest happening in your business and niche

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