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February 4, 2018
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Newspay: A Good alternative for Entreprenuer


What is NewsPay.Ng and how does NewsPay works

Just like all of the above mentioned websites, NewsPay is a Nigerian News Website set up to share trending news and informations across Nigeria and Africa.


It didn’t end in just updating news for people to read and go. It create an opportunity for its readers to make money while they read, Login, Visit or Report Trending news around them.

Is NewsPay Legit Or Scam?

Just like i always tell my fans, before joining any online earning program, it’s better you make research to make sure you’re working with a legit company.

It can be very painful to waste your effort, Time and money on a fake online business and at the end you found out they’re scam.

Am also i fan of NewsPay.Ng and i was referred by a good Friend on Facebook. First of all , from the website setup and interface, they’re legit.

But i was not convinced. I needed to see what others are saying about them to be sure. And from all the reviews i got , They’re just excellent and exactly what i wanted.

So far i have made some bulks and am waiting to request my fist payout. I will surely update you here with my payment screenshots. You can also find their Facebook group to get see as many great reviews about them.

I love practical things, If You’re afraid to fail you will never try new things.

How does NewsPay income earning program Works

  • When you successfully Join NewsPay, you will earn the welcome bonus of #30
  • When you Login Your NewsPay Account Daily you will earn #50
  • For Every sponsored post you share from your NewsPay account you will earn #100 you only have one sponsored post per day
  • So far your account is logged in from your browser, You earn #2 when you visit the website only
  • You will earn #2 for every comment you drop on NewsPay website . there is no limit to the numbers of comments you can drop in a day and you will earn #2 when you reply someones comment
  • Every Post you submit on NewsPay, You will earn #100 You can only report one news per day
  • You will earn #1000 For every new user you refer

Total daily income: You will be earning about 300Naira everyday doing nothing. but you can earn higher by dropping comments everywhere on the website(is allowed) in that case you can earn as high as 500Naira daily even without a single referral.

What about Withdrawing from NewsPay

They pay every week. and you can request your payout as soon as your earning reach the threshold of 5000Naira.

You will get paid through bank transfer when you request payout and the money will be transferred to your account which you will fill in.

From the above inscriptions ,NewsPay has almost 10ways to earn with your mobile phone and very easy.

How to Join NewsPay(Newspay Registration guide)

You cannot join NewsPay income earning platform and earn without upgrading your account. As a free member, you can only read news without getting paid. but that’s not actually what we want.

To earn from this program, you Need an investment Fee of 1600Naira to upgrade your account.

As soon as you have your money, REGISTER HERE

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