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September 1, 2017
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November 1, 2017
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Why Everyone Need a Website


In our present world today, everyone, i mean everyone (be it an individual, a small and medium scale enterprise or a big business or an organization) needs a website. It’s an essential perquisite to add to your list when planning to launch or expand that business, organization or ideals, so Why everyone need a website?.

In the analogue world people ask for your business card, but today in this digital age people ask for your website. I Love to explain a website like your office on the internet where customers (potential or returning) comes in 24 hours a day, 7 days a week to seek information about you, your products and services, get your contact and address and also buy your product and buy online and you send their purchased product to them. It is an automated way of doing business that reduces stress and cost.

A website allows you to stand out from the competition as it helps to design your brands (branding)

As at when writing this article 46.1 %( 86,219,965) of  Nigeria population uses the internet and 9.8% in Africa, so having a website will increase your reach, and reaching more people means more connection, opportunities, lead conversion and so forth

It is an easily way to go global (international) unlike your physical office, a website is not subject to barriers such as location, opening or closing hours.

If you really do provide a better service or better product then there will be some customers who will be looking for it. What will happen if they do not find you on the net? They will go to other companies which offer similar products or services. So it is website where customers will browse your offer, and know details about your service, check the testimonials and also learn how to contact with you. OK you may think you could give that information by giving away flyers, brochure, emailing to friends or family members or calling them. How much time and money you will spend on this kind of stuff? Cost is higher in these ways and these are not effective ways. But if you have a website you don’t need to do that stuff ever. Also through your website people can easily differentiate your services and product. And it will help you to expand your business into other areas outside your reach.

A website is one of the most important weapons for your business. Be sure that there is no other way through which you can promote your business 365x24x7.Only a website will help you to achieve that goal.

Are you thinking about the cost? Then you would be happy to learn that creating a website may have been costly in past but now it is affordable for everyone. Now anyone could have website with our Go Global Plan. Just Click Here to Get Yours

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